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Contemporary style flowers for Home Decor

Silk flower arrangement is the hottest décor and floristry trend this year. It is time to fall in love with their intriguing textures and dust their old reputation. Dried flowers give both vintage and modern look to your decorations. Incorporating dried seedpods and other lasting botanicals to your decorative collection gives a beautiful décor.

Dry flowers are less fragrant than their fresh incarnations. Nevertheless, the beauty and warm tone gives them a look with texture and shapes. These include seedpods, bold stems and flowers incorporated in backdrops or centerpieces.

Outlasting Beauty

While fresh flowers have their own might, dry flowers have their own dark beauty and allure. You can keep those vibrant colors and beauty of a bouquet the same as you bought it. Sure, the fragrance is lost, but the dryness adds a beauty throughout the décor.

Faux Flower Arrangements

Aside from dry flowers, we also give faux flower arrangements. These fake flowers add lasting beauty to your home decoration with no hassle to keep them fresh. Just dust them off regularly and they look like new.
Our specialty also includes faux flower wall decoration. Giving your wall a lasting beauty and resurgence.

These hassle-free fake flower decorations make it easy for you to implement and maintain. They do not cost much but add unmatched beauty to your wall decoration.

Our Suggestions

We care deeply about your home beauty and decoration. For this purpose, let us give you some suggestion to place these dried and fake flowers. This will not only add beauty to your home but will give you an aura of soothing air.
One easy way to display these decorations is to place on your fireplace mantel. It gives a delicate look that looks great with vintage furniture and decoration. We suggest low-maintenance varieties like wheat or cotton to make these dried arrangements.

Put these dried stems and flowers in a woven tote. This is both unexpected and looks innocently beautiful. Try hanging them in your entryway to give them a lasting look or on a fireplace for extra elegance.

Another way is to drop them in an apothecary jar. This may take some time to adjust. However, once placed properly, gives a delicate bottle look that you never want to take out. Place these bottles at the focal points of your living rooms or tables for a long-lasting beauty look.

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